The story of Bowness Moss or Common during the past 150 years has been the story of the effects upon it of the Solway Junction Railway – a story of damage and repair, of the past and of the future.

James Smith and I have become increasingly obsessed with the words and pictures of that story. We hope that what we have written and illustrated here will inspire you to visit, and think more about the importance of, these precious raised mires.

We would like you to read the story of the Solway Junction Railway and Bowness Common in the sequence of chapters in which it is recorded here. But if you come to this website because you’re interested in railways, or in Sphagnum mosses, you can of course pick out relevant chapters from the menu on the right.

We do ask that, if you want to use any of the information or images, you contact us first for permission, and (assuming we grant it!) you then credit us and provide a link to this website. Thank you. And if you can add to our information, please do get in touch.

The project has been supported by a Community Grant from the Solway Wetlands Landscape Partnership, and the Heritage Lottery Fund, to whom we are very grateful.